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SANKYO Silversonic flute,pre-owned,open hole,inline G, B foot,new overhaul…DKK 15.000,-

Fantastic deal for one who can use the inline system

New price of this,now called CF301 is 28.500,-

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The NUVO student flutes are in stock now,made of high grade plastics,these are for the young flute students…from 5 yrs. & up.Can be played with a D foot or C foot,and with curved headjoint.Review coming soon…………..

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watch this space..review and video of the amazing Glissando headjoint..now flute players can bend notes like on a guitar..Blues,Jazz,Indian,World music styles as well as New Classical music can expand their tonal palette with endless possibilities….

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The Amma Wood alto mouthpiece from Theo Wanne is in stock now..unique tonal possibilities..lots of projection..clear articulation & a fatish sound with enough edge to cut through(Big Band work,fusion,rock..) sound tests soon….

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This will be my blog page for Woodwind Music Web  http://www.woodwindweb.com

News about Saxes,Flutes,Clarinets,Electric Violins & Basses, Akai EWI windsynth,

Sax & Clarinet  mouthpieces, flute headjoints, etc…..

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